Breakfast Box Services :

You may start the day well with a tasty meal with our Breakfast meal delivery. Experience a wide range of breakfast meal delivery in Gurgaon which are affordable and delicious.

indori poha

Indori Poha With Peanuts

A staple Indian breakfast option with fluffy and deep fried poori and flavourful aloo ki sabzi. 

Stuffed Parantha

Stuffed Parantha's

Indian flat breads stuffed with delicious fillings  like paneer , potato or vegetables with mixture of spices

Triple Decker Sandwich

Triple Decker Sandwich

Loaded with vegetables and sauces placed between three slices of breads.

Steamed Idli's With Sambar

Steamed Idli's with Sambar

It is a south Indian dish with soft idli’s made of rice and lentil based vegetable stew. 

Fluffy Poori With Aloo Ki Sabzi

Fluffy Poori with Aloo ki Sabzi

A staple Indian breakfast option with fluffy and deep fried poori and flavourful aloo ki sabzi. 

Bread Omelette

Bread Omelette

Breakfast option, beaten eggs cooked with vegetables and served with bread slices.

Boiled Eggs & Toasted Breads

Boiled Eggs & Toasted Breads

Simple, healthy and filling breakfast option rich in protein, served with toasted bread slices.

An All-Palette Breakfast Menu:

Enjoy the variety of options from Ron’s breakfast menu, which offers a large variety of choices according to your preferences and tastes. Our breakfast Box Services offer delicious and healthy options.

Customize Your Morning Breakfast:

You can customize your box with a variety of options to choose from according to your taste and preferences at an affordable price. 

Corporate Breakfast:

Ron’s Thali provides a well-curated, delicious & wholesome corporate breakfast for your business meetings & small gatherings.

On-time Delivery:

Ron’s thali offers on-time delivery at your doorsteps in Gurugram. We guarantee on-time delivery where good food meets punctuality.

Fresh Ingredients:

Every bite of our food is guaranteed to be fresh. Our chefs prepare breakfast boxes that are not only delicious but also nutritious by using premium lab-tasted fresh, natural ingredients.


Hungry Kya? Order Ron's Thali just like mamma used to make with love.

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