Enhance Your Gatherings with Snack Catering in Gurugram

Our snack catering in Gurgaon serves a wide menu of snacks that is perfect for every occasion, preference, and event, including corporate meetings or gatherings and get-togethers for a hassle-free and stress-free experience. 

Cookies Biscuits

Cookies / Biscuits

Cookies, A perfectly baked, sweet and crunchy snack option.

Assorted Pastries

Assorted Pastries

A delicious dessert bakery with fillings, toppings and cream.


Fudge Brownies

Rich, chocolaty, fudgy and sweet brownies

Puff Pastries

Puff Pastries

Light, flaky and buttery layers of puffs which are baked and crispy.

Mixed Pakora Chaat With Chutney

Mixed Pakora Chaat With Chutney

Extra tasty, Special crispy fritters with tangy and spicy green and red chutneys

Mini Slider Burger's

Ron's Mini Slider Burger's

Bite sized Mini crispy slider burgers with mini buns and spicy tikki with sauce.

Samosa With Green Chutney

Samosa With Chutney

Crispy pastry pockets filled with potatoes and peas served with tangy and spicy chutneys

Classic Veg Sandwiches

Classic Veg Sandwiches

 Two slices of bread stuffed with vegetables and spreads.

High-quality ingredients, mouthwatering flavor:

Our chefs prepare meals with premium and fresh 100% lab-tested quality ingredients so you can trust Ron’s without any worries.

Snacks Catering for corporates:

Our snack box for office parties provides delicious food options and a stressless experience from our skilled staff.

Taste Everyone:

Each guest will have a great experience, with a range from starters to wholesome meals. Ron’s offers catering services for your events or small gatherings at an affordable pricing.

Snack Packages:

We provide a range of options for you to select from. Customized package options for any event or gatherings are available according to your preferences to make your event cherishable.

Customizable Snack Options:

From a variety of options to choose from you can customise your snackboxes according to your preference and choices.

Timely and Professional Service:

We understand how crucial timeliness and punctuality are during events, and we offer the same so you can enjoy the festivities without any worries. We not only guarantee great flavour but also professionalism and punctuality with our snack catering in Gurgaon.

Easy Snacks Catering Reservation:

Leave the stress to us so you can concentrate on having a  fun time at the event. Contact our catering staff about your event, your tastes, and any dietary needs.


Hungry Kya? Order Ron's Thali just like mamma used to make with love.

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