Dinner Box

Welcome to the best dinner box delivery services in Gurgaon to make your dinner a stress-free experience at an affordable price. Ron’s thali provides dinner services for all events from corporate events, and social gatherings, even for a family dinner or want to have a delicious dinner after a hectic day.

Dal Makhani With 4 Roti

24 Hour Dal Makhani With 4 Roti

 Slow cooked , creamy black lentils cooked with kidney beans served with 4 rotis .

Rons Murg Thali

Ron's MURG Thali

 serving meal box with potion of chicken served with roti or rice .

Homestyle Chicken Curry With Steamed Rice Box

Homestyle Chicken Curry With Rice Combo

A flavourful meal with tender chicken cooked in curry and spices served with steamed rice .

Shai Meal Box

Ron's Shahi Panner Thali

[100% Desi Ghee] [Shahi Paneer + Dal Makhani + Mix Veg + Salad + 4 Roti + Rice + Raita + Dessert]

Punjabi Meal Box (non-veg)

Ron's Punjabi Meal Thali (Non-Veg)

A punjabi meal box with delicious and creamy non veg options served with rice or bread and salad .

Mughlai Butter Chicken With 4Roti

Mughlai Butter Chicken With 4 Roti

Tender chicken cooked in creamy and rich curry which is tomato based with soft rotis .

Supreme Meal Box

Ron's Supreme Thali

A Supreme Thali with delicious and creamy veg options served with rice or bread and salad .

Vegetable Rice

Exotic Vegetable Rice

Rice with stir fried Exotic vegetables.

An All-Palette Dinner Menu:

Our dinner box delivery service offers a great dinner experience curated according to your preferences. The options range from dinner staples to delicious and healthful options.

Freshness Promised:

We guarantee freshness in every bite. Our chefs prepare dinner boxes that are not only delicious but also healthy by using premium, lab tested, fresh, natural, and locally sourced foods. End your day on a delicious note.

Corporate Dinner Solution:

Provide a wholesome and tasty dinner to your staff. Contact us to discuss custom corporate dinner packages for your company in Gurugram.


Customise Ron’s dinner box according to your preferences, dietary needs, and restrictions. We have custom options for everyone so that you have a delightful dinner.


Hungry Kya? Order Ron's Thali just like mamma used to make with love.

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