Best catering for baby Showers in Gurgaon

Best Catering for Baby Showers in Gurgaon

Looking for the Catering for Baby Showers in Gurgaon? A baby shower is a day that holds emotions and is a joyous day. In order to make the celebration even more memorable, food plays a major role. The event calls for delicious food and great catering services.  There are many catering services and here are some food options for baby shower events for catering. 

4 Must try Best Catering for Baby Showers in Gurgaon

Ron’s thali

Ron’s Thali is the best option when it comes to making your event memorable and hassle-free. And has the must-try best catering for baby showers in Gurgaon or any other event our track record speaks for itself along with delicious food and a variety of options to choose from. 

Spoon boon 

Spoon Boon is another great baby shower catering option. It provides you with hygienic food and great services with delicious food. 

Fossetta Gourmet catering 

Fossetta gourmet catering is one of the ideal catering options for small get-togethers like baby showers. They provide great services with their skilled staff and great food. 

Uma caterers : 

Another great option if you are looking for baby shower catering services in Gurgaon. It provides you with delicious food and great services.

Some options to choose for baby shower food ideas:

  1. Samosas and pakoras: Who does not like samosas and pakoras? Celebrate your special event with traditional Indian food like samosas and pakoras, These are some options your guests would love to indulge in. 
  1. Assorted Indian Sweets: Serve your guests a selection of classic Indian pastries including pedas, gulab jamuns, barfis, and rasgullas. A hint of sweetness is added to the party with these delicious treats.
  1. Create a chaat station: Chaat is something no one can refuse! Create a chaat station with street food favorites including papdi chaat,  pani puri, and bhel puri. 
  1. Vegetarian curries with Naan or Roti: Present a variety of vegetarian curries, such as potato and cauliflower curry (aloo gobi), chickpea curry (chana masala), and paneer tikka masala, with naan bread or rotis.
  1. Spicy biryani or pulao: Spicy biryani or pulao is made with delicious basmati rice, veggies, and spices. You can also serve mutton or chicken as a non-vegetarian option.


Baby shower is a memorable event. It holds sentimental values and what better to celebrate with great food? If you are looking for the best catering for baby showers in Gurgaon service options, consider these for your next event.


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