thali at 169 in gurgaon

Thali @169, Seriously?

Usually, thali are affordable and value for money but the best thali that has a variety of options, is hygienically prepared, and made with fresh ingredients and ghee. Thalis @169 does not feel real but Ron’s thali offers the best thalis in Gurugram

Initially, I was surprised at the idea that a cloud kitchen could offer a thali @169 only. Especially in a place like Gurugram. Ron’s Thali, a cloud kitchen in Gurugram, offers thali @169, making the place even more special and exciting. I loved the interesting price range and ordered their thali which was actually a value for money. it had dal, paneer, chapati, salad as well as a dessert option. What else can a person ask for? 

Ron’s Thali is a cloud kitchen that serves delicious food, good potions, and value for money but without compromising on hygiene standards. The food was freshly prepared. As they say, cooked with care and packed with love is actually applicable to Ron’s thali. 

The dal was a burst of flavour, the paneer was perfectly cooked, the chapati was soft, and the showstopper for me was the gulab jamun which was extremely delicious. 

The price is utterly unbelievable as the quality of the food makes it even better. I have had food from many cloud kitchens but mostly the food is either very oily or undercooked, was not able to find any good cloud kitchens but with  Ron’s thali, there is no looking back. 

I loved the food, the affordability of the food made it even more helpful for the students or office goers.

Words By Ron’s Customer

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